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We at Braby Motors pride ourselves on helping you protect your investment! That is why we have a team of trained industry professionals ready to protect your vehicle and your investment with a variety of Car Care products!


The leader in the industry of self healing protective film backed by a 10 year warranty against peeling and discoloration! Preventing your vehicle from unsightly rock chips to both paint and chrome! Competitive packages available for all vehicles.

FCPP Platinum Shield Protection

Keep your vehicle looking and feeling like new!

Interior: Fabric/Leather/Vinyl protection bonds with the fibers to protect against spills, fading, stains and cracking!
Exterior: Paint and Rust Protection protects the paint against fading, oxidization and forms a barrier to protect against salt, acid, humidity, pollutants and tar!

Undercoat your vehicle to reduce road noise and protect the undercarriage from salt, dirt and humidity!
Reduce the glare of oncoming vehicles while night driving, prevent rock chips and increase viability while driving in rain and snow by coating your windshield with our Platinum Windshield protection!

Extended Warranty Options

We at Braby Motors recognize the need to avoid unexpected shop bills and have multiple warranty options available to help you customize your coverage to your driving and ownership needs!

Contact the Finance Department directly for more information today!

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